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This *** company and so called CEO Ashraf Nabil, I am continuously following up with these frauds,

No reply to emails, no reply of calls even not picking up calls from my number.

He is trying to get my real details, which I don’t want to reveal for privacy reasons because these cheaters threaten people, to end up there drama.

Again I will explain what they do, and if you have applied through these cheaters if all this happened with you too then you are also a victim from these frauds

First one of their fraud representatives will call you and will explain you about the work permit process, they will say that they will apply for jobs on behalf of you and if you will get 15-20 positive response on your profile they will apply for visa approval and also conduct the interview. Till here you will feel it is easy process because you have enough experience. They will promise you that every 2-3 weeks they will update you about your case.

Once you paid them advance fee, then real story will start, first 3-4 months they will just spent in telling you that till now you did not get sufficient positive response, on the resume they have updated according to ur profile, but if you will ask for to show the resume what they have updated, they will never show you and make excuses because of business privacy they cannot show you or provide you, your own resume which they have updated and applying for jobs on behalf of you, isn’t it strange, you must have right to see all amensdments have done in your own profile. If you will ask them where in which companies you have applied they will never tell you the company name, because in reality they have not done anything.

Once if you follow up with them again n again, one day they will say yes now they can process your file for second stage where your documents will be verified by Canadian government, and this is stage 2 which they never mentioned to you earlier, but later this a big surprise you don’t give any original document to them or even not any attested document, strangely don’t know which government organization in Canada/Australia/Germany or any other country verify documents on basis of scanned or photocopy. But if you will ask for any proof or something document they will never provide you, because they don’t do actually, and same excuse it is their business privacy.

Later on this stage already you have spent 8-10 months and you will not get any reply. Only answer still your 2nd stage is under process and once it’s done only 3 rd process is to conduct interview for u from all positive reponses and get Visa, practically will any company wait for 8-10 months after showing positive response on your profile.

And on this stage they will stop replying your emails, phone calls, if you will visit office only reply you will get is just wait for some more time, if you will ask refund they will say you can’t get refund because your case is still under process.

One day you will get upset after spending 12-18 months and with no answer, you will argue with any of their fraudsters team, or will write an email with frustration and then this so called ashraf nabil will email you that because you have tried to defame his company your file has been closed and we will not refund you any money.

And threaten you to file a case against you for defaming his company.

This is what he did with me too, and many other victims,

This is reason I am using other name n number and not disclosing my own identity. But ashraf is trying again n again to know who I am. Frankly I don’t have money to pay lawyers big fee and fight against them legally, yes I accprt this because if I have to file case lawyers fee i. UAE starts from AED 25000.

Royal migration is not a LLC company so you can’t complaint under consumer rights.

This is nothing but my true experience with this fraud company. Still I am emailing them yo refund my money but I never get any reply.

I am commenting here just to aware people what this farud company do, please beware from such fraudsters.

Still you can whatsapp me, +12182282266, and surely ashraf you will try to know who I am but believe me one day I will give you answer of this just wait n watch! Allah will do justice

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Hi I'm also a victim of this company. And he said is rights after 8-10 they will no longer answer your email and they told me that they change my case manager.

Better to report their ICCRC NO.

R422967 (Tabaei, Sayed M.H) to they already fooled a lot of people.


Same fake review...fake person posting the same review over and over and over....under the username VainRedKneeTarantula....i just got my PR recently and all 17 reviews from same fake told me who it is..his real name is MELVIN ALEXANDER through his IP address in OMAN and they are almost ready for arrest warrant and extradition. Be careful from this person he is a fraud. This company is great.

to Mansoor #1511207

Mansoor Alias Ashraf or Alias his fraudster team. Do whatever you want to do, you can't reach till me.And if you got your PR already what d *** u r doing in UAE, ur ip address already showing ur location in UAE.And nothing is fake in my message what I have written I have proof of each n Everything so u don't worry after months of threaten from You till now ur so called legal team & IT team didn't file defame case against me, because actually you are a coward....Stop this drama, and refund the money of people you have done fraud with.

to VainRedKneeTarantula #1511671


to Mansoor #1511208

Why you don't post as Royal migration to post whatever I said is wrong and not truth, and you did not send any threatening email to anyone.This time you have made mistake and mess up with wrong person I will not spare you till either I will not get my refund or your business will not be shut down.

to VainRedKneeTarantula #1511672

FAKE GUY FRAUD PERSON ID"VainRedKneeTarantula" and uses fake whatsapp

to Mansoor #1512190

Ashraf Nabil bring something new, rather than saying me fake, if you think you can provoke me by this and I will give you my real identity then you are most stupid person, find some other way.And instead of calling me fake, tell me out of this what I wrote is not correct and prove it and if you are real manssor or whosoever already got your PR through royal migration, you really have that mich time to defend.What you think people are fool here and can’t understand your dramaAshraf your story of so called 17 years is going to come at end.

to VainRedKneeTarantula #1513852

FAAAAAAAKE loser posting FAAAAAAAKE reviews.

to Mansoor #1519301

Ashraf bring something to prove me fake, no one will believe you, you don't have anything to say because you know all what I have written your planned procedure of getting money from people from UAE, Qatar, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Pakistan...... From lot of countriesPeople paid you in a hope for bright future but you broken dere dreams one day Allah will give you what you deserve for this.

to VainRedKneeTarantula #1519388

How much they pay you per word for fake reviews? Hahahahahaha

to Mansoor #1521599

fake mansoor. you are ceo ashraf nabil. how many customers your are getting after this commenting

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