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Royal Migration is completely fraud, I challenged them openly to prove me wrong now today I will give one more proof how they threaten their clients, if they ask for refund that's y not much people dare to post it comments about them.

If anyone received such mail from Royal Scam Migration message me I will tell how to deal with them. They are scam completely fraud, once you will pissed off from their fake promises and ask ur refund they will threaten you to go to court for refund or if you post a comment they will send this threatening mail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Royal Migration Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why not do police case for royal Immigration

to Anonymous #1496148

I posted this with reason, on one post recently will be shown here by tomorrow please check that


thanks friend because i am trying to for summbit for the migration


This is the same thing happen to me.

to Nikhil #1503827

You may contact me

to VainRedKneeTarantula #1602329

Mr Vain, can you give me your contact so our victims list we can increase to challenge the ROYAL Migration. we have made one bech of many victims and all we are going to submitt our claim to some higher autorities with proof that ROYALMIGRATION is a really big cheating compnay. you can reply me on

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