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Not capable, fooling people around by giving false hopes and catch the attention by frankness.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please guys help me I want to use this company but am not sure of there ability of work

to Ousman Kebbeh 8 #1493796

Ousman believe me if you do not want to waste your precious money and time don't get trapped by them they are completely fraud and not capable of anything except making people fool.If you will apply you will just regret....


Royal migration is very good, I got my schengen visa through them after it got rejected from other companies due to them not reviewing my documents properly.

to Abdullah Moosa #1453144

Can you put visa copy Abdullah Moosa. Am damn sure this is a company staff.

to Abdullah Moosa #1466686

What you are saying is completely corruption not a single embassy do that, only sake of any migration company they will not review documents, either you are a liar or else u r one of from Nabil's mafia team. If you really got visa WhatsApp a photo of ur Visa on +12182282266 I will check with embassy how they approved visa without reviewing documents. Dare it of u r genuine

to VainRedKneeTarantula #1467100

You are daring if he is genuine??? What about you??

Are you genuine?? The one with the fake whatsapp number from some application...you are a fake coward who thinks people owe him an explaination or they should whatsapp you. Why dont you be genuine and post your real name and number to get your problem resolved!

I dare you to do that! Instead of you daring other people...you are born a fake coward.

to Royal_Migration #1493799

Am very much genuine and very soon you will get to know that, because now you don't dare to pick my calls and reply to my emails, you fraud...... You can just threaten other innocent people on the name of your legal team & IT team....One day you will regret of all this scam because God will do justice one day surely...... Just wait I will let you know who I am and why I am posting all this.Your all frauds & Scams I will bring in front of everyone.


Royal migration loot your money and will not do anything. it seem company people are commenting good reviews here.


I recieved my Australia PR from royal migration..it is a good company with good professionals.


I got my canadian permanent residency from royal migration 3 months ago. This is all rubbish.

to Ali mubarak #1466687

Please can you send me ur Visa copy of u really concerned that royal Migration is genuine at +12182282266 WhatsApp me

to VainRedKneeTarantula #1467101

Come to our offices fake negative commentator and we will slap you with all our visas in your face. You fake scam coward.

to Royal_Migration #1473435

you guys already pissed us. now you want to slap???

now you can't we will kick your *** out one day. wait for that frauds.............

to Royal_Migration #1484097

Instead of slap me ur visas why don't you slap my own money which you owe to refund Nabil Ashraf, why don't you just refund everyone's money back...... If you are so genuine and loyal to your customers and not capable of providing any document in written what you have processed instead of your useless contract by which you make people fool.....

to Royal_Migration #1493800

Am still waiting for a slap of my money back tell me when you are refunding money of innocent people which you robbed with all ur lies & fake promises


Yes. They are Number one cheaters in dubai

to Anonymous #1448052

I got my PR with Royal Migration. You probably are a loser who did not score well in your IELTS and looking for free service.


I got my PR visa through them 2 months ago...this is not possible

Very responsive and good company.

to Arshad #1464033

please i wanna talk with you 00966582189193whats app+923326102138

to Arshad #1466690

Please send me ur Visa copy through WhatsApp on +12182282266 if u really concerned that royal scam migration is genuine

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